Introduction to Our Graduate School

Bringing about innovation in industry and culture
A graduate school for developing the production talent of the next generation

In the 21st century, digital communication has continued to develop beyond the scope of general knowledge. We now live in an age where news, film, TV, cell phones and every other form of expression worldwide is being digitized and distributed via the internet and electrical signals. Starting with corporate activities, digitalization has spread to all kinds of companies, and we now stand ready to welcome an age that will create a super-information society. Furthermore, the speed at which this change is happening in Japan is increasingly gaining recognition around the world as a model for the near future. This graduate school was founded as a vocational institution for developing the talented people who will bring about this change and lead this future society.

Producing businesses for a new era

Our university's definition of the essential ability for leaders of the next generation is the ability to integrate the fields of Business, Creativity and ICT. "Business" is the understanding of the essence of planning, marketing and business strategy, and the ability to apply that understanding. "Creativity" is the ability to use new ideas to produce things. "ICT" is the ability to understand new technology and apply it to business. We develop talented people who can master and integrate the knowledge and skills of these three fields. We want you to earn the proof of this aptitude, a Master’s degree in DCM (Digital Content Management), and become the capable leaders of the next generation.

Master’s degree in DCM

A degree that certifies the ability to create new industry and culture with digital technology and content

A certification of the ability to integrate the fields of Business, Creativity and ICT
Earn a degree in DCM (Digital Content Management)

The three abilities necessary for producing business with a global vision

In the 21st century, where digital communication is spurring development at an ever-accelerating rate, the type of person who can exercise leadership is the person who can generate innovation in industry and culture with digital technology and content. Our graduate school defines people who learn this ability as "the producers of the next generation". We develop the ability to understand and integrate the fields of Business, Creativity and ICT.


The source of production in business is the ability to understand the essence of "business" itself, an ability that we develop. You will master various aspects of business such as planning, management strategy, marketing, accounting and finance, thereby gaining the potential to create new value in business and society.


"Creativity"involves displaying skill in producing internet, CG and video content, but there is more to it than that. Our graduate school defines "creativity" as the imagination, expressive ability, and keen sensibility necessary for the creation of new products and services. You will learn the methods and sensibility for the infinite expansion of possibilities in business.


Digital communication has stormed into the modern era. In this era and beyond, it is necessary to have a firm grasp of both IT (Information Technology), which is essential to business, and ICT (Information and Communication Technology). Digital society has foreseen the future, and at this school, you will gain an understanding of the technology and thinking that form the basis of this society. ICT is the name we give to the ability to implement that technology and thinking in management and business strategy, and you will study the most recent technology and knowledge in ICT.


A next-generation curriculum for developing the Masters of DCM who can produce businesses for a new age Inegrating Business,Creativity and ICT,the three fields that the next-generation's leaders must master

A curriculum for learning a new discipline

Our university has developed a highly practical and systematized curriculum built around technical courses in the fields of Business, Creativity and ICT, both individually and in their integration. We also feature a curriculum of basic courses that will help you make the most out of the technical courses, as well as a curriculum of research application courses in which students and instructors come together to cultivate students’ abilities as Masters of DCM.

Highly-Experienced Instructors Working at the Forefront of Their Industries

The instructors at this school are industry professionals, people with top-class, hands-on experience in the ICT and digital content industries and throughout the business world. Our instructors share the school's vision, and they have developed innovative courses for cultivating the talented people who will become the next generation’s business leaders.
While here, you will work with our experienced instructors by taking part in their projects and doing internships with their companies, thereby establishing a network that will be a lifelong asset.

Achievements from our research labs that delve into cutting-edge topics

Our graduate school integrates the fields of Business, Creativity and ICT and produces multi-faceted services and digital content. We provide labs for conducting next-generation research and we put great effort into the creation of specific output. We are also working on turning our research into real-world business in collaboration with the National Institute of Advanced Science and Technology.

Educational Methods

Educational methods for mastering the ability to propose real and profitable businesses and services to society and industry

Promoting an understanding of the integration of the fields of Business, Creativity and ICT Developing educational methods for the true mastery of output

Our school employs a method of "cross-teaching", in which one class is led by two or more accomplished instructors from each of the fields of Business, Creativity and ICT. We also carry out several "projects" with participants from various industries and fields, and set up "labs" in which you can study a single topic in depth in a small group. We have developed these educational methods so that you will understand the fields of Business, Creativity and ICT individually and then master their integration. Beginning in 2010, we will hold an annual DCM Conference as a forum for presenting the research and results achieved through our labs and projects. In this forum, you will have an opportunity to present the output you have created by mastering the integration of the three fields.


We have established a method of "cross-teaching" in which each class is led by two or more accomplished instructors from each of the fields of Business, Creativity and ICT.

Labs and Projects

Our school allows you to take one lab or project course a year. Starting in your first year, we provide you with an arena for hands-on experience where you will not only attend lectures, but also create your own output so that you can develop into a next-generation-style business producer.

DCM Conference

We hold the DCM Conference as a forum for presenting the research and results achieved through our labs and projects. At this conference, you will have the opportunity from your first year onwards to present not just completed projects, but any accomplishments you have made.




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